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Trades (Mega Absol and Mega Mawile TF)
“Alright, I’ve got the Pokemon ready. Are you good to go?”
“Hold on, lemme just give it the Mega Stone…”
The two individuals, sitting in completely different parts of the world reclined in front of their computer screen. A window for a popular instant messenger program lay in front of both of them, both talking into their headset microphones as they fiddled around on their game consoles in their hand, selecting options as they began to set up a trade.
The two people, titled by their onscreen name Kaiza and Calc were setting up an agreement to trade particular Pokemon they wanted, with proper battle-ready movesets and IVs. They both had something they wanted, so they were merely doing swapsies. Gone were the days of link cables and playground contracts. The future was now! They could do it over the internet!
The Pokemon that Kaiza selected appeared on screen, a decently leveled Mawile with a Mawilite attached to it, waiting for confirmation from his f
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Pool Chemicals (Vaporeon TF)
The community indoor pool was one regularly used by the locals. They came in to relax in a humid, heavily chlorinated environment and make sure their kids were fine as they played in the small heated pools. It wasn’t the most fancy environment, what with some centres having slides and other such attractions, but it was enjoyed nethertheless, especially with the town’s swim team. Four days a week they would gather at the gently heated pools, mostly due to the water circulation (and partially due to the kids who don’t think they’ll be caught) and swim laps in the designated lanes. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Up and down the pool, training their hardest for the events coming up at the upcoming swim meet. All striving to be number one.
At least, Caleb was trying his hardest, but the sessions every other day wasn’t enough. The organised bouts of swimming in different styles was just a bit too conforming to how he wanted to practice, how h
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 46 34
Elixir of Companionship (Ash to Axew TF/TG)
The bright blue sky shone downwards on the bright, colourful expanse of Opelucid City, fine modern architecture intermingling with tall trees that lined the roads of the metropolis. Two young persons came over the hill, treading the hard packed rocky road together as they came in view of the stretching city.
Ash Ketchum put his hand in front of his face, shielding his eyes from the sun as he stared down at the city. His long-time companion, Pikachu was perched carefully on his shoulder, letting out a small gasp of awe as Ash smiled, one hand on his hips. “There it is, Opelucid City. Are you excited to be back Iris?”
His companion caught up to him, stepping alongside him holding a small Axew in her arms, grinning from ear to ear as she stared back down to the city. “You betcha, Ash. It’s been such a long time…”
Her Axew chimed in, wiggling around happily and getting Iris to cry out, laughing a little as she gently stroked the top of Axew’s head
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Devilish Confectionery by WeebWriteMan Devilish Confectionery :iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 57 3 Hyperdimension: RE:Birth Project - Neptune by WeebWriteMan Hyperdimension: RE:Birth Project - Neptune :iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 58 6
Silver Lining of Knowledge (Human Dragoness TF/TG)
Rolling his broad, muscular shoulders backwards as the gentle nip of the springtime breeze sent shivers down his spine, Arthur stood on the paved sidewalk, looking up and down the sloped road as he sipped on his coffee. The cafes here in this European town were pretty spectacular, with a well furnished, rustic feel to their interior and a quality to their beverages that made them seem authentic. Like they were made with care. It warmed his chest as the rich, bitter taste flowed down his throat, letting out a gentle sigh with each one as he continued to look up and down the street.
To the passing person, it was clear he was a tourist of some sort, from his unnatural, more casual clothing and the small backpack fixed around his shoulders, filled with some small travel essentials. Water, food, money and souvenirs. Well, no souvenirs yet, but he was working on that. His eyes continued to scan the road, finally beginning to step down the hill towards the collection of roadside stores.
To sa
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Mawile TF by DinoDoggo by WeebWriteMan Mawile TF by DinoDoggo :iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 37 9
Insectoid Purity (Pheromosa TF)
The tropical greenery of Akala was something to behold, especially in the northern, untamed parts of the island. Trainers flocked to such a place to capture Pokemon and battle out in the lush wilderness, with some working themselves up to complete the trials that had been given to them as part of the island challenge. Some were preparing for Lana’s trial, soaking themselves over at the wet pools at Brooklet Hill. Some were preparing for Kiawe’s trial, up upon the summit at Wela Volcano Park, training their Pokemon on the hardened volcanic rock in the sweltering heat. Some were busy making their way through the Lush Jungle, right in the center of the island, looking for the right place to train before agreeing to gather ingredients for the “Mallow Special”.
One particular individual, a young man named Gregory was precisely on that journey. He stepped through the thick vegetation, pushing aside alien plants and leaves he had never seen before as wild Pokemon watch
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 19 6
Supermoon (Lycanroc Midnight TF)
The night was settling in on the mining town of Oreburgh, the star speckled sky looking down on the land of Sinnoh, the rocky roads blowing small remnants of coal dust throughout the town, the fresh air entering the vents and flushing the mines with sweet, sweet air. But that wasn’t important to Matthew, glancing out the window from the small living room in his house, looking up at the darkening night sky.
Tonight was a special night, at least one for those who enjoyed celestial phenomena or had the time to glance outside at least once during the night. The supermoon was taking place tonight, a very rare event where the full moon is closest to the earth on its orbit, making it appear bright and large in the night sky, almost like a close star in the night. He had never properly seen one before, but now that he knew about it, he was kinda excited to see it. He had his camera ready to take a few photos and all that he had to do was wait.
Matthew smirked, turning away from his blind
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Control (Silvally TF)
“...Thanks for coming, Zan.” Gladion said, his arms folded tightly against his body as they rode the elevator down into the depths of Aether Paradise. The young girl accompanying him smiled, rubbing the back of her hair, ruffling her dark blue hair in the process. “Yeah, anytime. Can’t believe Wicke still lets us down here, even after all that happened.”
“She’s a good lady. Always meant well. Besides, what happened… happened. Lillie’s helping Mother now. And I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.”
Zan nodded, glancing at the metallic walls as the end of their elevator ride came to a close. “Yeah… Learning more about Silvally, right? Or at least, to find out what you know.”
Gladion nodded as the sight of the ‘secret’ laboratory came into view, the elevator finally reaching the bottom of the shaft as they got off, looking around at the familiar, futuristic lab area. She had been done he
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 20 10
Nature's Coronation (Tsareena TF/TG)
The fenced, leaf-strewn trail snaked through the trees of the forest, nature surrounding Brandon as he walked slowly along the ground, using a large stick he had found to guide him on his journey. The path was lined with buried planks and logs to direct travelers and hikers on the path and ensure they didn’t go astray… at least, the fence helped with that too. It would be unfortunate if people misstepped and slid down into the forested crater that the trail encircled…
The gentle breeze blew through the greenery, rustling the leaves in the canopy that grew to either side of him. He paused a moment, reaching into his pack to get a drink of water, moving towards the fence to look down through the trees into the covered crater below. The canopy below really was thick; there was almost no space he could see between the leaves.
He had decided to go out to this place to just get a bit of fresh air, some walking exercise and the like. It wasn’t too remote, a local natur
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 32 3
Accursed Dance (Brionne TF)
A beautiful deep purple coated the twilight sky as the sun began to creep below the horizon, the few clouds blazing orange as the minutes ticked by, the moon waiting to take its place. Malie City, situated on the island of Ula’Ula slowly began to becoming alive with streetlights, tall lantern-like poles lining the streets of the eastern metropolis. Stalls and stores open to the streets lined the roads and pathways, trying to get tourists and locals to eat their exotic cuisine, compared to other cities on the quartet of islands. People walked their Pokemon, a few Pokemon carried their people as everyone went about their business.
A young teenager and his family walked the streets, walking past buildings with slanted roofs towards their destination; a large, extravagant theatre where they had purchased tickets to see one of the most recommended shows on their travel brochures. Despite being a tropical region, the nights here on Ula’Ula had the potential to be kind of nippy. T
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 14 4
Poisonous Vapor (Salazzle TF/TG)
Samuel unlocked the door to his small house, his tie loose around his neck as he stepped inside, locking the door behind him. What a long day at the office. Somewhat stressful, with a bunch loaded off onto him as he scratched the side of his face, throwing his coat onto the lounge in his living room before heading straight to his bedroom. But he was sure to have something to take the edge off. A little something to just make him relax and mellow out a bit, give him a bit of space before he began to work on the paperwork.
He flicked on the light to his bedroom, looking around at the plain, white walls and the darkened window, taking a moment to fall onto his bed in the corner of the small bedroom. It was a small house, with all the right living necessities with a small enough rent to live on by. There were a few glaring problems; the lack of a large, backdoor area, the obvious age the place had and how everything broke down every now and again. He didn’t try to let it bother him t
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 34 7
The Resort (Double Meowstic TF/TG)
A small, sleek white ferry drifted slowly across the calm waters of the sea, the mainland seen far in the distance behind them, touching the horizon with a tint of blended green. Upon the small ship, the section open to the air sheltered by a black, plastic ceiling were two passengers. A young man, on one side of the ship, leaning on the metal rail, looking out to the deep blue sea and a young lady, seated in a chair on the opposite side of the ship, a game console in her hand as she peered through her glasses, pressing buttons with a detached, emotionless expression upon her face.
The man’s short brown hair ruffled in the sea breeze, watching the water crash and foam upon itself, breathing slowly before his eyes glanced over to the lady in the chair, his shoulders sagging ever so slightly as he shook his head, rubbing the light layer of stubble on his chin before slowly stepping over. He was an average guy, taller than some with a lean build. His shoulders were broad but his arm
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 28 6
Mature content
Ryan's Wish: Part 2 [18+] :iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 24 1
Add a Little More Protein (Miltank TF/TG)
A large box of protein powder was placed on top of the kitchen counter, along with a large tall glass and a bottle of Moo Moo Farm certified Moo Moo Milk™. Daryl smoothed his short, brown hair back and without a word began to prepare his morning protein drink, wearing a red tracksuit, a few strips of white running vertically down his outfit. Wordlessly he reached into the box of protein powder, measuring out a single scoop of the stuff before emptying it into the glass, checking the instructions briefly before looking at the cover of the box.
He had been working on his physique for a couple months now, waking up most mornings to go for a jog before coming home to work out a bit with the equipment here. It was scheduled, was done before the day had really started and left him with the rest of his day. Go to work, come home, enjoy a meal that coincides with your diet and enjoy the rest of the evening online. A simple life, but one that worked for him.
He continued to study the box
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-Vignettes. I'm drunk and bored hit me up…

For people who want to see the stream vignettes

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